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Mummy of Queen Tiye

Everyone had noticed queen Tiye’s hair in the golden parade and most of us started questioning how her hair is still preserved in this good condition and how it’s still that beautiful? Would you like to know ancient Egyptian’s hair routine? Well, Ancient Egyptians, men and women had cared about their hair cleanliness and its good look, although, most of the time, they seem to have kept it short and worn wigs. They were keen on washing their hair and using combs to brush and clean hair from insects. They had also used various prescriptions to treat hair diseases. They had used different kinds of creams and oils such as castor oil which were found in jars in several tombs. Moreover, Archaeologists had excavated many artefacts related to hair accessories such as hairpins, combs, implements possibly used for curling or braiding hair. Ancient Egyptians did not like grey hair. They made dyes from juniper berries and other types of plants to cover it up. The hair was usually washed and scented, and wealthy individuals employed hairdressers.

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